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ScanTube is a producer of high quality tubing, profiles and packingcord (coltex), made of high performance plastics made from fluoropolymers like PTFE, FEP, PFA, MFA, PVDF, ETFE and PEEK. Using premium resins, our products offer an array of high performance benefits to suit a wide range of requirements. ScanTube’s products are made of fluoropolymer materials, and exhibit a rather remarkable combination of properties, including excellent chemical resistance, broad temperature capability, electrical insulation ability, high purity, toughness and low coefficient of friction. Our products are designed for high performance applications and severe environmental conditions, while at the same time offering the highest possible degree of purity and stability. Our products are mainly used in chemical-, pharmaceutical-, medical-and electronic industries with a variety of applications. ScanTube’s fluoropolymer tubing is useful for carrying, collecting and diluting corrosive and chemical fluids, or as a conduit. It may be used either alone, reinforced, overbraided or as a liner for solid tubing or pipe.Scantube is ISO 9002 certified and has approvals according to UL and USP Class VI as well.


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