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Meichen International GmbH is specializes in spreading the stitching materials in the military and civil industry. Our Cooperater is Aerospace Research Institute.We have rich experiences in design, research and manufacture composites has been providing lighter and stronger components and special function components for rockets, satellites and other high technology fields.
l.Multi-axial stitched fabrics, including glass fibers, carbon fibers and aramid fibers, and their hybrid fabrics used for composite products
2.Unidirectional carbon fiber laminates for construction Strengthening, including unidirectional carbon sheets and unidirectional carbon plates.
3.Pultrution profile, large-scale composite structural member, and light-weight sandwich structural components
4.Compsites intermediate products, such as prepreg, premix.
5.functional composites with high-temperature-resistant, heat shielding and thermal insulation.
6.Phenolic flame Retarded light-weight composite/sandwich structure product
7.Honeycomb Compositel


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