JingFu Mold Engineering Co.,Ltd

Building 101, No. 68 Haibin Road, Wusha District,
52385 Chang'an Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong, China.


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JingFu is a Chinese private owned company focuses on plastic injection mold making and parts production, total 160 customer-minded staff located at Dongguan, nearby HK China.

JingFu's moldmaking serves: Aerospace products, Automotive Parts, Household Appliances, Industrial parts? Electronic parts and Beauty products.

Our technologies and processes:
Mold design – 20 designers
Mold making – 9 EDM machines and 15 CNC machines, 6000 Square meters toolshop.
Injection molding – 30 injection moulding machines, 8000 Square metres injectionshop
Machine clamping forces from 880 kN to 28,000 kN
Product weights from 2 g to 17,000 g
Special processes: Gas injection technology (GIT), two-component injection moulding

Our successful market are in Germany, France, UK, Spain, Turkey, USA……

Our competitiveness not only promises high quality, on-time delivery and favorable prices - we actually deliver on all three parameters and excellent after sales service.

Skype: coastlinehax;
WhatsApp: +86-186-6641-8550
Email: ethan@jingfu-mold.com


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